Tiny Rails Updates 1.5.0

Hello, Tiny Rails Conductors!

As our Android players will know, update 1.4.6 marked the beginning of some pretty dramatic changes to various systems in Tiny Rails. We gave a great deal of consideration to the changes that we made to the game, but in spite of our efforts, we definitely had a rocky rollout thanks to some oversights on our part and some unfortunate bugs. We've also been listening to the feedback all of you have been giving us on the implementation of the updated features and we've spent the past few days considering our approach and how we can improve the overall experience.

With that in mind, you're going to see a few changes beginning with update 1.4.12 and continuing through our 1.5.0 rollout, which will include our South America story and quest content, as well as a new station building feature in that area. Let's take a closer look!

Gumball Machine

In 1.4.12, you'll see a simplified Gumball Machine UI that features two familiar buttons: one for normal rolls and another for rare rolls. For a gold spend, you'll be able to roll for a new car, with a 10% chance to obtain a rare car. The rare roll will get you a guaranteed rare car for a gem spend. These cars will be drawn from all game inventory, with the exception of special rarity cars or factory cars. Players will notice that the Gumball Machine still has a level, but this level is now increased by collecting unique cars. You'll be able to obtain duplicates, but new cars that are added to your collection will be what increases your level, and this will extend to special and factory-built cars as they're obtained, as well.


Without intending to, we made many of you question the value of the gems you'd spent on engine and caboose purchases in previous updates. You will no longer obtain from the Gumball Machine. Instead, these will be purchased from the engine and caboose tabs in the Trainiary for a gem spend. As you progress through Gumball Levels, specific engines and cabooses will be unlocked for purchase.

Car Details

By popular demand, the car details button will be returning to the train edit menu. Some of you prefer the pop up car details windows, and others don't, but generally we agree that they aren't behaving quite as intended. Car details will still be available by tapping a car and holding for a moment. This should help with issues of windows popping up liberally while scrolling or the camera moves.


Mobile players, train maintenance is currently going to be disabled whlie we re-evaluate its value and implementation. Thank you for all your input on it, positive and negative. It will return to the game once we feel more comfortable with its state.

Coming Soon

We're looking at bug fixes and general optimizing in coming updates to try and address some performance issues that we're still hearing about out there. We're also planning to make several quality-of-life updates to train edit and various other elements of the game, as well as revisiting and tweaking several features. We plan to take some time as we prepare our next major content update to incrementally make the game play and feel better in general, and we hope you'll continue to offer us your feedback as we do.

Thanks, as always, for your support!